Pojęciokształty {Notion-shapes}. Concrete poetry

Notion-shapes. Concrete poetry.

27.11.2007 – 14.12.2007
the opening on 27th november 2007 at 5:00 pm

Poµský inątitút
Nám. SNP 27
P.O. Box 153
814 99 Bratislava

In 2003 he represented Poland during 50th Biennale in Venice. He belongs to the classics of Polish conceptual avantgarde. He has never, as he admitted, titled his works. „Notion-shapes” is a name Stanisław Dróżdż, famous international author of concrete poetry, has given to consecutive series of publications since 1967, that is for 40 years.

Consisten, minimalistic, limited in colours to black and white projects use space which can be found between signs in language and logical systems. With surgical precision the artist elicits the elements of language by adjusting, multiplying and shortening syntax structures and transfers them into real space constructed in gallery.

,,{...} throughout secondary school and studies I was wondering why a poem, story, novel etc. begin in a certain point and finish in another. I decided to create works which would be deprived of that aspect, limiting them only to pure text” - the artists says, describing his approach towards art. Dróżdż's works, analyzing and disclosing rules of language games, contain also the elements of ethics as , for example, billboard „or”, known work, „between” or „black and white” presented a few years ago by Zewnętrzna AMS Gallery. Philosophical capacity and classical aesthetic valors cause that his works are still attractive for next generations.

Stanisław Dróżdż was born in 1939 in Sławków. At the beginning he lived and studied in Sosnowiec. He completed Technikum Ekonomiczne in Wrocław. In 1959 he began studies at Polish Philology at the University of Wrocław, which he completed in 1964 although he got MA diploma on the basis of published book „Poezja konkrentna” in 1979. The book contained works, life and bibliography of Polish authors of concrete poetry.

He organized sessions and exhibitions of concrete poetry in Poland and abroad. He has been presenting his works since 1968, in 1971 he started cooperation with Foksal Gallery in Warsaw but he's had exhibitions in other national galleries as well. He's had about 300 both individual and group exhibitions in Poland and abroad. Dróżdż's works belong to the collections of national and international museums.

organized by: BWA Wroclaw Galleries of Contemporary Art


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